How To Choose Pillows That Help With Allergies

How To Choose The Best Pillows That Help With Allergies


Do You Own A Cotton Pillow? Did You Know Cotton Is The Most Sprayed Crop In The World?

There are two facts with a cotton pillow:

  1. You can react to the chemicals that are sprayed on the cotton.  Chemical reaction mimics allergies and cotton is the most sprayed crop in the world.
  2. The moisture you lose every night absorbs into your pillow and mattress.  This moisture sets up a dark, damp, environment that dust mites love.  Dust mite multiple and then you have allergy symptoms from dust mites.


The organic cotton pillow is a much better choice. Either organic cotton or convention cotton the one thing you can count on and that is dust mites.   Encasing the pillow with an organic encasement is a perfect choice.  Encased pillows will ensure that dust mites stay contained!

Feather pillows mimic cotton as it holds moisture and sets itself up for dust mites.  Encasing them helps with dust mites, but they are really bad to have mold and mildew.  There is no help for this!

Here are the organic cotton encasements I love.


Memory Foam:  I could write a book about this!

I could write an entire book on the dangers of memory foam pillows and mattresses.  One test revealed over 66 different chemicals in memory foam.  There were 12 chemicals in this memory foam test that the EPA has stated these 12 chemicals could cause cancer.  Your face is in close contact with these chemicals every night. You are breathing in and absorbing these chemicals into your body all night long 365 days a year.  How many years do you keep your pillow?

These pillows are horrible for your health.  If you ever wake up with headaches, sore neck, watery eyes or feel like you’ve been hit by a mac truck in the morning.  If you have a memory foam pillow and are not resting well chances are it’s your memory foam pillow.  Sleeping on memory is not safe for your health and can mimic allergies and cause other detrimental health issues when it’s your pillow’s chemicals that are causing your reaction.  In my opinion, NO memory pillows or mattresses are healthy or safe!  You can research this too.

Polyester:  Hottest Sleeping Pillows In Town

You flip your pillow over and over all night long and wake up with your head all sweaty.  This is a common problem with a polyester pillow.

Polyester cannot breathe, and this heat builds up and has nowhere to escape.  It’s  why you can’t find a cool spot on your pillow, and you flip it all night long.

Even polyester encasements are hot, hot, hot!  Any polyester bedding traps heat making you miserably hot.

My Favorite:  Non-Toxic, Natural, and Organic 

  1. Organic Cotton is great but remember that organic cotton needs encasing for the dust mites.
  2. Wool is a beautiful fiber for pillows.  Children love them!  Dust mites can’t live in wool, and it’s mold and mildew resistant.

Wool studies also show deeper sleep with wool.


Wool pillows are lovely for allergies


My personal favorite is shredded rubber.  It molds to your head and neck giving support where you need it.  I love this one and have been sleeping on it for years. I am a side sleeper as are 98% of people in the U.S. The support this pillow gives your head and neck is the reason we couldn’t keep them in stock in the store.  Sold them out as soon as they hit the shelves.

Shredded Rubber Pillow

Great Organic Shredded Rubber Pillows.

Organic shredded rubber is dust mites resistant, mold and mildew resistant and very supportive!

We spend a third of our life in bed.  That is 25 years out of 75 sleeping, and your pillow is the closest thing to your face, so it’s essential for your health to sleep with a non-toxic pillow.  In the U.S. there are 1000s of new pillows sold each day.  Healthy or Toxic?  I hope this information will help you with your decision.

You can check out all the healthy sleeping pillows here.

May we all sleep healthy,