About Us

I’ve been living a “green” lifestyle for more than 25 years. It began in my mid-thirties, when I started having health problems that wouldn’t go away and that my doctor couldn’t explain: Fatigue. Headaches. Dizziness and the list went on and on.  Really weird stuff.

“It’s all in her head,” the doctor told my husband. “Maybe it’s psychosomatic,” my best girlfriend suggested.

I was hurt and frustrated—and determined to figure it all out.

Eventually, I did.

The verdict? Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

MCS is a chronic condition triggered by even low-level chemical exposure. Some of the culprits are what you’d expect, things like smoke, pesticides and paint fumes. But other culprits are things most people have around the house and don’t give a second thought to, like plastics, scented products and synthetic fabrics.

When people with MCS are exposed to these products, they can develop general symptoms like mine, or more specific ones, especially inflammation of certain areas like the skin, joints or GI tract.

I learned to manage my MCS by keeping chemicals out of my home—from my kitchen and bedroom to my cleaning closet. I researched natural products and learned which companies I could trust. (Lots of products claim to be natural but aren’t!)

Now my family and I grow our own heirloom fruits, herbs and vegetables. We dehydrate foods from our organic garden, make our own yogurt and pasta, and grind our own wheat for bread. We raise chickens and bees. We make lots of products with essential oils, including cleaning products, bug sprays and hand sanitizers.   I owned a green living store for years and offered the best certified organic products and the best organic mattresses. 

We don’t make our own mattresses and bedding (I know my limits!), but I’ve done the research and I know which ones are the best, the ones with the highest organic certifications recognized worldwide.  Many people wanted to know how to create a healthy home.  We closed the store to to offer these wonderful products and teach online.

The result was How To Be Green, a company dedicated to helping more people live a healthy lifestyle while preserving the planet. This website offers tips for chemical-free living and gardening and features the best products to keep your home healthy. (I can personally recommend the products on this website because I’ve used them myself!) I share my green expertise one-on-one, in some facebook groups, and soon I’ll be sharing it via video with How To Be Green members.

Going green made a big impact on me. Now I’m here to make a big impact on the world. I hope you’ll join me.Debby Savage | Founder

Company … or community? How To Be Green is both. It’s a company created to build and support a growing community—the community of people who want to live natural, toxin-free lives.

It’s no secret that environmental toxins make us sick. So the first step to better health is keeping toxic chemicals out of the things we come in contact with most in everyday life:

  • our foods
  • our mattresses, bedding and sleeping environments
  • our personal-care products
  • our laundry and cleaning products

With that list as my starting point, I developed a strategy for helping people turn their homes into green safe havens.

Here are just a few things How To Be Green can do for you:

  • find and eliminate the hidden toxins in your home
  • teach you organic gardening techniques with non-GMO, organic, heirloom seeds, including herbs
  • plan an organic nursery for your baby or a chemical-free bedroom or playroom for your children
  • reduce your allergy symptoms by removing the chemicals that trigger them
  • show you the process my family used to reduce the toxic load in our home, creating a healthy, green lifestyle we’ve enjoyed for 25 years

The list goes on and on.

Are you ready to get green?

I encourage you to take action today, one step at a time, and start your own path to a chemical-free living for you and your family. Please join me and get notified for each new blog post and let’s get started.

My Family

I have been married to my husband,  John for 42 years.  We have 2 children, and 3 granddaughters.  We live outside Nashville, Tn. They are my heart and it’s what keeps me going…