Baby How To Checklist: Necessities To Be Healthy and Happy

  Baby Checklist: Getting Your Baby’s Nursery Ready Do you know the best good basics? The most exciting news I ever got was finding out I was pregnant. It was a time when you could make simple choices.  Years later I experienced joy beyond belief when I found out I was going to be a GranMa’Ma. But things had changed so … Read More

Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies

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Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies I have this grapevine, poor thing, which I don’t tend to.    This winter I plan on amending the soil and cutting it back. I wanted to share with you how to make organic grape jelly for pennies, and here is how I did it. According to my Grandmother, the best grape jelly comes from … Read More

Cilantro For Free

How To Grow Cilantro

How To Grow Cilantro How To Grow Cilantro. Do you guys love Cilantro as I do?  I could add it to everything! One thing is for sure when you can go and pick it fresh from your garden for free, well you just can’t beat that….. Here is what I did.  The last year 2013 I planted some Cilantro seeds … Read More

Save the Bluebird

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Save The Bluebird   Blue is the prominent color this year!  How about a beautiful blue that comes from nature?  Bluebirds are losing their habitat, at an alarming rate, due to the development of the property and cutting down trees.  Also, non-native birds are killing bluebirds for the nesting space.  It has been my experience that sparrows are to blame … Read More

Feed Your Bees Or They Could Starve

This is the time of year when your bees most likely will starve if you don’t give them food.  They have depleted their stores of honey.  It is warm one day and snow and freezing the next.  Crazy weather! My bees have lots of honey left but I didn’t want to take any chances as they can go through their … Read More

Uncle Sam Wants You To Raise Chickens!

Raising Chickens with pasture and organic feed will produce the best eggs

Raising Chickens Raising chickens can have many rewards.  I can’t wait as my baby chicks are coming in March!!  Planted the herbal ley on the pasture, which is different herbs and clovers, perfect for animals.  They will have organic garden scraps and organic chicken feed with no corn or soybeans. Uncle Sam has changed a bit since this poster.  I … Read More