We Know What’s Killing The Bees

We Know What’s Killing The Bees   Last night we had our monthly bee club meeting which I love going to.  As a new beekeeper, I have much to learn. It was very distressing to hear, but Kentucky has lost 75% of their hives and Tennessee lost 55% of their colonies this winter.  The cold and the chemicals are wiping … Read More

Storing Cell Phones In Your Bra, Cancer-Beware!

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer in girls as young as 18! Breast cancer in girls as young as 18 because they keep their cell phone in their bra. This is really sad. Please tell all your friends and family DON’T carry your cell in your bra! Women are losing breasts because of this! Please share this with all your friends and family!!!  

Shorten Flu and Cold Symtoms With This Berry

Elderberry benefits

Shorten Flu and Cold Symptoms I came across this information, and it reminded me of my Grandmother’s house. She had a full 1-acre vegetable garden and every fruit tree, berry bush known to humankind.  I would help her in the summer.  I will never forget harvesting so many green beans that my hands had blisters.  BUT that is not what … Read More

Have You Started Your Organic Garden?

Your Organic Garden   Growing your organic garden is very easy!  Went to the local garden center this week to pick up a grow light.  It seems we always start our cool weather crops to late.  The weather gets too hot and they go to seed.  NOT this year.  While I was at the organic garden store I just thought … Read More

How To Preserve 25lbs Of Organic Meyer Lemons

I love to prepare our food for storage.  It has been the coldest winter in many, many years and you never know when your harvest will help your family and friends. I ordered some citrus from the local bulk food source, and I’m so glad I did.  After the order, the weather in California and Florida were freezing the crops.  … Read More