We Know What’s Killing The Bees

We Know What’s Killing The Bees   Last night we had our monthly bee club meeting which I love going to.  As a new beekeeper, I have much to learn. It was very distressing to hear, but Kentucky has lost 75% of their hives and Tennessee lost 55% of their colonies this winter.  The cold and the chemicals are wiping … Read More

Shorten Flu and Cold Symtoms With This Berry

Elderberry benefits

Shorten Flu and Cold Symptoms I came across this information, and it reminded me of my Grandmother’s house. She had a full 1-acre vegetable garden and every fruit tree, berry bush known to humankind.  I would help her in the summer.  I will never forget harvesting so many green beans that my hands had blisters.  BUT that is not what … Read More

Have You Started Your Organic Garden?

Your Organic Garden   Growing your organic garden is very easy!  Went to the local garden center this week to pick up a grow light.  It seems we always start our cool weather crops to late.  The weather gets too hot and they go to seed.  NOT this year.  While I was at the organic garden store I just thought … Read More