How To Choose Pillows That Help With Allergies

Do You Own A Cotton Pillow? Did You Know Cotton Is The Most Sprayed Crop In The World? There are two facts with a cotton pillow: You can have a reaction to the chemicals that are sprayed on the cotton.  Chemical reaction mimics allergies. The moisture you loose every night sets up a dark, damp, environment that dust mites love.  This … Read More

How To Help Your Child Actually Sleep Better: Healthier

Healthy Sleeping Tips for Your Child

Does Your Child Sleep Well? Most children sleep really well, but if you have a child who has a hard time falling asleep or doesn’t wake up rested here are a few tips that will help. First a couple of questions: What kind of sleeping environment does your child have? Are their sheets a blend of 50/50 meaning 50% cotton … Read More

Organic Linen Coming Soon!

Great News! How To Be Green will be featuring a wonderful linen line.     Made in Belgium for over100 years. I am so excited to offer this linen. They have a carbon neutral manufacturing plant. The more you wash linen the softer it becomes. Imagine a sheet of sheets that last 8-10+ years. More information on this coming soon! They now … Read More