How To Apply Effective Non-Toxic Head Lice Treatment

 Two Words All Parents Hate to Hear… …Head lice! A new school year can be challenging enough. But things can get even harder if you find out your child has head lice. The typical head lice treatment usually consists of applying a toxic pesticide to your child’s head, which may or may not work.  Head lice have become resistant to … Read More

How To Choose Pillows That Help With Allergies

Do You Own A Cotton Pillow? Did You Know Cotton Is The Most Sprayed Crop In The World? There are two facts with a cotton pillow: You can have a reaction to the chemicals that are sprayed on the cotton.  Chemical reaction mimics allergies. The moisture you loose every night sets up a dark, damp, environment that dust mites love.  This … Read More

How To Help Your Child Actually Sleep Better: Healthier

Healthy Sleeping Tips for Your Child

Does Your Child Sleep Well? Most children sleep really well, but if you have a child who has a hard time falling asleep or doesn’t wake up rested here are a few tips that will help. First a couple of questions: What kind of sleeping environment does your child have? Are their sheets a blend of 50/50 meaning 50% cotton … Read More