Cilantro For Free

How To Grow Cilantro

How To Grow Cilantro

How To Grow Cilantro. Do you guys love Cilantro as I do?  I could add it to everything!

One thing is for sure when you can go and pick it fresh from your garden for free, well you just can’t beat that…..

Here is what I did.  The last year 2013 I planted some Cilantro seeds from Seed Savers.

Cilantro Package from Seed SaversWEB

I enjoyed it all summer long, but at the end of the season, I let it go to seed and let the seeds fall where they may.  Didn’t know if it would come back especially after the winter we had.  But early this Spring I started to see little Cilantro babies….  I was hopeful.

My Cilantro Plant Producing All The Cilantro I Could Handle

Cilantro VolunteerWEB

Now I have more Cilantro than I know what to do with.   Best of all it’s organic and almost free aside from the seed cost.

I started with a small plant and saw how much I have this Spring.

It was easy to do, and if you love Cilantro try it you’ll be surprised too!