Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies

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Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies

I have this grapevine, poor thing, which I don’t tend to.    This winter I plan on amending the soil and cutting it back.

I wanted to share with you how to make organic grape jelly for pennies, and here is how I did it.

Garden Grapes on Vine 2014WEB

According to my Grandmother, the best grape jelly comes from Concord Grapes.  I helped my Grandmother many, many summers making grape jelly and grape juice.

Garden Grapes & Chickens 2014WEB

The chickens came running when they saw me heading to the grape arbor.  My chickens eat very well….

Garden Grapes in Bowl 2014WEB

Here are the grapes I picked.  Now, remember these grapes have NEVER been sprayed or fertilized…  I pride myself on organic gardening, and these grapes need attention.  Even with the no attention what-so-ever, they look pretty good.


Garden- Grape Jelly 2014WEB

I then made my organic homemade grape jelly, or with a low sugar method and Pomona’s Universal Pectin, the jelly came out delicious!   You can also make any your jelly with any fruit using this technique.   It doesn’t take much, and you could be making this for your family.  That bowl made 15 jars of jelly this size.  My grandchildren are going to love their PB&J this winter.  It’s not overly sweet, and you can taste the grapes.

Plant your concord grape vine this fall, and it won’t be long, and you can make this for your family!  Much healthier than the bought version, which has 5-7 cups of sugar and other junk we don’t need and SO much cheaper too.

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