How To Improve Allergy Triggers Now For Free

allergy relief. Remove allergy triggers in the home

Improving Allergy Triggers In Your Home With These Tips


allergy relief. Remove allergy triggers in the home

Relief from allergies triggers

Our Home Is Our Castle And It’s So True!

We all love our homes.  It is where we live and feel safe.  It just puts us in our happy place.  Homes today can be very polluted and cause all kinds of allergy triggers.  You probably don’t even give it a second thought.

The EPA has stated that our indoor air quality in the United States is 90% more toxic than the worst city in America.  Can you imagine your home 90% more polluted than Los Angeles?  What’s even worse is you can’t see this pollution.   You just don’t think your home can cause allergy triggers but it sure can.

You spent 90% of your time indoors.  Your home is closed up most of the time and the pollution inside the home builds up and has nowhere to escape.  You wonder what causes this build up?  Well just about everything in your home.  Carpet, paint, furniture, computers, cleaning supplies, soaps, personal care products,  and the list goes on and on.   This air takes on a positive charge.  That means the air is heavy and has static electricity and it just doesn’t smell fresh.  This nasty air is what can cause the allergy triggers that start us down the path to the doctors for sinus infections and other problems like asthma.

Clean Up Your Indoor Air Quality With These Two Tips

Clean The Air In Your Home

The Air Is Clean After A Thunderstorm

Air Out Your Home After A Thunderstorm


Allergy relief by cleaning your indoor air after a thunderstorm

Opening Windows After Thunderstorms will Clean The Indoor Air In Your Home

After a thunderstorm the air has a negative charge, unlike that of our homes.  After a storm that has lighting and thunder with it you can open all your windows and doors and replace that stale positive charged air with the negative charged air.  You won’t believe how much healthier your home’s air will be.  Our grandparents used to air out the house as a standard practice years ago.  We have lost that tradition but it’s time to bring it back!

You can compare negative charged air with a waterfall.  Have you ever been near a waterfall and the air is so clean you can smell it?  The ocean waves have negative charged ions too.   This is what negative charged air smells like and your home will smell like this too!


This is a small thing you can do to change the air quality that will have a huge effect in your home and it’s free.  If you do this it will go a long way in reducing the pollutants in your home.


Take Your Shoes Off At The Door

allergy relief, reduce allergy triggers in your home

Removing your shoes at the door improves your home’s indoor air quality

Removing your shoes at the door is the biggest thing you can do to improve the toxic burden in the home.

It’s a simple thing yet so hard for many people to do and believe.  But it’s very true!  Think about where you have your shoes been.  Grassy areas where they have sprayed weed killer or fertilizer or across pavements that has just been refinished. Walking on streets with all kinds of toxins on them.  Hospitals halls where bacteria and mercer are a huge problem.  When you think about all the places the shoes have been it’s no wonder they are huge polluters of the home.

When you walk around your home with these toxins on the bottom of your shoes it gets deposited on your floors, carpet, and around the home.  Then where do your babies crawl?  Your children are always on the floor playing games or watching t.v.  They then stick their fingers in their mouth or they rub their eyes exposing them to toxins that can cause the allergy triggers and other illnesses.

In Japan you will find temporary shoes at the entrance door of their home. They expect all visitors to remove their shoes as a sign of respect .  If you do not remove your shoes it is a big insult to them.  That’s how much they value a clean toxic free home.

What To Do If You Don’t Get Many Thunderstorms?

In some parts of our country there is a drought.  My heart goes out to you and it is my hope that this will turn around and you will have an abundance of rain.  If you live in this part of the country the only way to improve your indoor air quality would be an air purifier.  I am sorry you can still do the shoes but there is no way around not having a thunderstorm.

It is so important to understand that you should not open any windows and doors where the air has not been cleaned by a thunderstorm.  This is really important to know and follow.

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I hope you will try these tips as I think you will feel and smell the difference.

I hope you have enjoyed this information.  Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Wishing everyone a healthy home.