How To Preserve 25lbs Of Organic Meyer Lemons

I love to prepare our food for storage.  It has been the coldest winter in many, many years and you never know when your harvest will help your family and friends.

Lemons dehydrated sliced in jar

I ordered some citrus from the local bulk food source, and I’m so glad I did.  After the order, the weather in California and Florida were freezing the crops.  If you can find a source for citrus do it!  The prices will be very high this summer.

I received 25lbs of organic Meyer lemons and 10lbs of organic limes.  Here is what I did with the lemons.

lemons 25 lb box

I was excited to pick up my order.  You can’t imagine how good all this citrus smelled.

Lemons on dehydrater trays

I thought I would dehydrate some slices for lemon water.  I love lemon water, and so does my grandchildren…

Lemon Zest

I also use a lot of zest for cooking so here I make the zest.  Lay it out on unbleached parchment paper and let it dry.  I always store it in an airtight jar, (I use weck jars for this) with an oxygen absorber.  This zest should last me a long time.

Lemon Juiced

I also juiced some of the juice, put into ice cube trays and freeze.  I take the cubes out and put it in a Ziploc freezer bag.  When a recipe calls for some lemon juice, I have fresh on hand.  Lemon juice adds some much to any recipe!

All the best,