How To Prevent Pesticides In Your Water At Meal Time!

What is in your water?

Have you ever thought about all the pesticides on conventional lemons?  Most of us don’t give it a second thought when we squeeze that lemon into our water and then drop it in.

Lemons are good for us.  They have vitamin C.  They also alkalize our bodies, so they have many benefits.  You just can not imagine how many different pesticides and other toxic chemicals are sprayed on the lemon.

I get sad when I see people, especially expectant moms, doing this. They don’t even know they are drinking a glass of toxins.This toxic water goes straight into their stomachs and then the body has to try and dispose of these chemicals.  Everyone thinks they are doing good drinking lemon water. Expectant moms are giving their baby vitamin C, but she is passing these toxins onto her baby. The baby then has to process these pesticides also.

Lemon water with organic lemons

Make medicinal drinks with organic lemons only

When you are trying to make a therapeutic drink and soaking your lemons, they should be organic only!


So what to do when you love your lemon water?  Well, this is what I do.

Lemons on the side

Lemons on the side.

When I go out to eat, I ask for my lemons on the side.  I know I’m probably getting a small dose, but it sure is better than letting the lemon soak in my water!

Hope you will change the way you are drinking your lemon water.

Next week I would like to share a story of how I got rid of head lice on my granddaughter using essential oils.  Everyone was against it and said it couldn’t be done!  I was determined to prove them wrong!  No toxic chemicals were going on my grandchild’s head and into her body.  The conventional lice treatments are so toxic!

Until next week~  Hope you have a fantastic rest of your week.