A New Essential Oil Diffuser

A New Essential Oil Diffuser uses only the oil and not mixed with water. They are very effective at dispersing the oils

A New Essential Oil Diffuser

That I Love

Looking for an essential oil diffuser that doesn’t use water and I have finally found one.

When you mix your essential oil with water, it is not as beneficial as it has been diluted with water using much more of your essential oils.  You notice that if you sleep by an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that you mix with water, you do smell it if you are sleeping right next to it.

The nebulizing diffuser, however, uses just your essential oil making it much stronger, so you use less oil saving money on your oils.    It permeates your room with the aroma, so you receive all the benefits of the essential oil.

New Essential Oil Diffuser

A New Essential Oil Diffuser That You Will Love

Nebulizing diffuser works by a small pump blows air across a small tube creating a powerful vacuum that pulls the essential oil from the bottom of the tube to the top in a fine spray mist.  This type of diffusion is entirely composed of the essential oil.  You can also control the air flow from low to high.  I have found you do not need to turn it up on high or a least I never have.  It is a very powerful essential oil diffuser, and you will use less oil saving you money.    The one I have been using for about a year now is called Radiance nebulizer.  It also has LED lights that change color.  Very nice a night!   It is made out of a glass tube with a wood base.

A New Essential Oil Diffuser That Uses Only Essential Oil and No Water

A New Essential Oil Diffuser

Here is a picture of the one I use.

Essential Oils Diffusers For Your Car

They even have one for your car too.  I know you travel to work and the traffic is horrible.  Wouldn’t be nice to have one to calm your nerves and diffuse on the way home?   Or how about when you go on vacation, and the kids start fighting before you even get out of the driveway?  That is what my kids always did!!!!

The manufacturer of these great diffusers has so many options for you to choose.

This is an affiliate link, and I will receive a small commission from the sale of these products.  I hope you will try one of these great diffusers and get all the medicinal benefits and save money too.

You can learn all about them here.    https://organicaromas.com/#5a95919da143f

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