Finally! A Natural, Non-Toxic Deodorant That Smells Great

The Perfect Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant

You will LOVE this natural deodorant!

I have been looking for years for a deodorant that I could absolutely love!

The first thing an oncologist will ask you is what kind of deodorant do you use?  Most conventional deodorants contain aluminum and many, many toxic chemicals.  You have large number of Lymph located in the underarm area.  When you apply toxins in this area they absorb into the body and bloodstream.  Not good for your health.

I have been looking for years, and I mean many years,  for one that works, smells great, and not sticky.  One that I can wear myself and also recommend to my friends that have had breast cancer.  Safety was my first concern.

I am so happy to tell you I have found the perfect one!  It’s manufactured in Germany, has the safety seal from Germany insuring that no harmful substances are used.  They use essential oils for the fragrance.  It smells wonderful too.  And how about 24 hour protection?

Both my husband and myself have used this product and found it to do everything I have been looking for.  We both love this product.

I’m so excited to share this with all of you!  You can read all about this wonderful product here.

I get no affiliate commission on this just wanted to share it with you!

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