Save the Bluebird

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Save The Bluebird


Blue is the prominent color this year!  How about a beautiful blue that comes from nature? 

Bluebirds are losing their habitat, at an alarming rate, due to the development of the property and cutting down trees.  Also, non-native birds are killing bluebirds for the nesting space.  It has been my experience that sparrows are to blame here.  We have Eastern bluebirds here in Tennessee, and the Mountain bluebird is in the Western United States.


One year, I had sparrows move into our bluebird house, attacked and pecked a hole in the top of the momma bluebird’s head while she was sitting on her eggs.  The sparrow built her nest on top of all that disaster.  I was distraught when I discovered this tragic event.  Now I am on a mission to keep my eyes on our bluebird houses and the first sign of sparrows, and I go into action!  Sparrows are nasty birds, and I have been watching the carnage they leave behind for years.  This is a real story, and I have never lost a bluebird couple and eggs to sparrows again and never will.

Bluebirds are the sweetest bird, and after the first eggs hatch and have fledged, the juvenile birds come back and help raise their siblings.  You can learn more about bluebirds here

The sparrow was brought here from England in the early 1800’s and has had a population explosion killing off not only our bluebird but native birds as well.  

You can do so much for this cause just by putting up a bluebird house but make sure you have a predator guard as cats, raccoons, and snakes are taking their toll too.  They had birdhouses just for the bluebird and made out of non-toxic wood…

Here is a picture of the bluebird house my husband makes.   Recycled wood and finished with a non-toxic Danish oil.  We sell these at the farmers market in Franklin, TN.

Bluebird house that john makes with sig

They have a beautiful birdsong, and I love having them!

They are great to have in your garden as they love to eat bugs.  They feed on the ground so grubs and ground beetles just don’t have a chance.

Hope you will join us and help save our bluebirds!