Simple Tips to Create a Non-Toxic Home

A perfect day for laundry

Go to any grocery or big-box store, and you’ll find thousands of “natural” cleaning products for the home. While I’m delighted that the green movement is growing, I hate to see people spending lots of money and cluttering up their homes with specialized cleaners.

You don’t need all that stuff!

One of my favorite things is helping my clients discover simple, versatile ways to create a non-toxic home, enhancing the health of their most precious gift: their family.

Believe it or not, it’s easy to make your non-toxic cleaners, and usually, they are much less expensive than any chemical cleaners you would buy at the store. I can show you how to make anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal cleaning products and hand sanitizers that are both highly effective and nontoxic.

How To Be Green is about living “the simple life”—and it is gratifying.

There are also simple (sometimes even free) ways to get rid of common toxins from unexpected places. Understanding what toxins you’re bringing into the home, and how to eliminate them, can have a significant impact on your family’s health.

Here are two huge things you can start doing today that are free to help you create a non-toxic home:

1. Leave your shoes at the door. Shoes are some of the most prominent polluters of your indoor environment. Think of where your shoes have been—and what happens when you walk around your house wearing them. You’re depositing toxins that adhere to your carpets and floors—the same place your baby crawls or your kid’s play. Of course, babies and children then put their hands in their mouths, absorbing chemicals into their bodies.

2. Let the clean air into your home. After a thunderstorm, open your windows and let the fresh air clean the air in your home. When your home has been closed up, toxic atmosphere builds up inside it. This polluted air has a positive charge and static electricity. Outdoor air after a thunderstorm has a negative charge, like the air you breathe in at a waterfall. This air can be very beneficial for someone with allergies. (Remember your grandparents airing the house out? Same thing!) But do this only after a thunderstorm, when the air is clean!

Small steps like these can have powerful results.