Making the Most of Your Organic Garden

Harvesting fruits and vegetables from your garden and preparing them for the family meal is very rewarding. Here are a few tips for making the most of your organic garden: 1. Choose gardening over grocery shopping. Food prices are soaring, and when produce is shipped in from across the country (or the world), it loses most, if not all, its … Read More

Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies

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Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies I have this grapevine, poor thing, which I don’t tend to.    This winter I plan on amending the soil and cutting it back. I wanted to share with you how to make organic grape jelly for pennies, and here is how I did it. According to my Grandmother, the best grape jelly comes from … Read More

Cilantro For Free

How To Grow Cilantro

How To Grow Cilantro How To Grow Cilantro. Do you guys love Cilantro as I do?  I could add it to everything! One thing is for sure when you can go and pick it fresh from your garden for free, well you just can’t beat that….. Here is what I did.  The last year 2013 I planted some Cilantro seeds … Read More

Save the Bluebird

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Save The Bluebird   Blue is the prominent color this year!  How about a beautiful blue that comes from nature?  Bluebirds are losing their habitat, at an alarming rate, due to the development of the property and cutting down trees.  Also, non-native birds are killing bluebirds for the nesting space.  It has been my experience that sparrows are to blame … Read More