Making the Most of Your Organic Garden

Harvesting fruits and vegetables from your garden and preparing them for the family meal is very rewarding. Here are a few tips for making the most of your organic garden: 1. Choose gardening over grocery shopping. Food prices are soaring, and when produce is shipped in from across the country (or the world), it loses most, if not all, its … Read More

Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies

Organic Food, Organic Garden, Healthy Living, Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies

Homemade Organic Grape Jelly For Pennies I have this grapevine, poor thing, which I don’t tend to.    This winter I plan on amending the soil and cutting it back. I wanted to share with you how to make organic grape jelly for pennies, and here is how I did it. According to my Grandmother, the best grape jelly comes from … Read More

Cilantro For Free

How To Grow Cilantro

How To Grow Cilantro How To Grow Cilantro. Do you guys love Cilantro as I do?  I could add it to everything! One thing is for sure when you can go and pick it fresh from your garden for free, well you just can’t beat that….. Here is what I did.  The last year 2013 I planted some Cilantro seeds … Read More

Feed Your Bees Or They Could Starve

This is the time of year when your bees most likely will starve if you don’t give them food.  They have depleted their stores of honey.  It is warm one day and snow and freezing the next.  Crazy weather! My bees have lots of honey left but I didn’t want to take any chances as they can go through their … Read More

We Know What’s Killing The Bees

We Know What’s Killing The Bees   Last night we had our monthly bee club meeting which I love going to.  As a new beekeeper, I have much to learn. It was very distressing to hear, but Kentucky has lost 75% of their hives and Tennessee lost 55% of their colonies this winter.  The cold and the chemicals are wiping … Read More

Shorten Flu and Cold Symtoms With This Berry

Elderberry benefits

Shorten Flu and Cold Symptoms I came across this information, and it reminded me of my Grandmother’s house. She had a full 1-acre vegetable garden and every fruit tree, berry bush known to humankind.  I would help her in the summer.  I will never forget harvesting so many green beans that my hands had blisters.  BUT that is not what … Read More