We Know What’s Killing The Bees

We Know What’s Killing The Bees


Last night we had our monthly bee club meeting which I love going to.  As a new beekeeper, I have much to learn.

It was very distressing to hear, but Kentucky has lost 75% of their hives and Tennessee lost 55% of their colonies this winter.  The cold and the chemicals are wiping our bees out.

bees and chemcial posisons

Flowers and plants that come from big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have chemicals in them that are killing the bees also.

Bees and flying crop dusting by natural news

We know what’s killing the bees and It’s not just the prominent commercial use of chemicals, but your neighbor down the street too.   This information is so valuable as a third of our food comes from the work the bees do in pollinating our crops.  I can only imagine our food prices with the kind of weather we have had only to add no bees to the mix.  China has wiped out all their bees because of their chemical use and now they have to pollinate their crops by hand.

Bees, plant these to save our bees

Here are a few plants you can plant to help the bees.  Just make sure they don’t have pesticides in the plant.  I love to buy my flowers from providers who guarantee their plants are heirloom, organic, and GMO-free.    Research it and find the one you like best.

If you want to start a hive, join a local bee club.  I’m so glad I did!  I LOVE my sweet bees……

Bees in flowers